CNTR-552-TR-RC-401 cntr-552-1



Product Description

The CNTR-552-TR-RC-401 or DIMKP 700 – 1002 remote controller has 4 different zones. The remote controller can save up to 2 colors/ 3 modes corresponding to each different zone. The color wheel on the controller allows the user to choose the color of their choice.


  • The product shall be installed and serviced by a qualified person.
  • IP20. Please avoid the sun and rain. When installed outdoors, please ensure it is mounted in a water proof enclosure.
  • Always be sure to mount this unit in an area with proper ventilation to avoid overheating.
  • Please check if the output voltages of any LED power supplies used comply with the working voltage of the product.
  • Never connect any cables while power is on and always assure correct connections to avoid short circuits before switching on.
  • Please ensure that the cable is secured tightly in the connector.
  • For update information please consult your supplier.

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