One of our new designs is the CTL5000 – RGBW / CTL5001-RGBW the RGB+W controller that has been designed for ease of use with lumiron’s new rgbw line of led lighting products that gives you the ability to have a choice of true white without being poluted by the tint in rgb or choice of rgb color options and functions. Lumiron has achieved this ability by separating the rgb from the white and giving you a choice of warm, natural or cool white. Lumiron’s CTL5000 – RGBW and CTL5001-RGBW is easy to install and easy to use. it has one simple switch. with this simple switch you can perform a multitud of functions without the complexity of most rgb controllers. Lumiron’s CTL5000 / CTL5001 controller can be obtained as a complete unit or to install in the vimar 13731.s junction box or any similar size junction box. It is water-proof (ip67) which makes it ideal for marine and outdoor application as well as architectural or lighting design for numerous led lighting ambiance creations. Exploit your options with the simplicity of only two switches that allow controllers.


  • Compatible with any electrical backbox.
  • Dimmable.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance.


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