Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Lumiron, Inc. is built on a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists experienced in the LED industry since 1984 and has been creating OEM LED Lighting Fixtures since 2001. At Lumiron we listen to our client’s ideas and needs. Our engineers and experts will bring to reality your vision by first understanding the concept of the idea. Then our engineers will create several prototypes representative of the concept and tests for functionality. Once the prototype has been approved by our engineers’s feasible, we present it back to our customer who will give their approval or input on the prototype and either approve or we re-design until we come up with either a highly efficient functional LED board that will be the basis for the final LED OEM Product. From inception of idea to final product, Lumiron works side by side with our OEM customers to deliver a multi-dimensional LED L lighting board or fixture that will perform the same as all our Lumiron LED products. We strive to keep our front leadership in the LED OEM partner by continually working with the latest technology, innovations and applications. With LUMIRON you don’t build around your project; we custom-build to suit your project. Lumiron currently manufactures OEM boards and complete LED lighting products for the Marine Industry, Architectural Indoor/Outdoor LED Lighting as well as Industrial quality and strength LED High Power LEDs Lumiron LED lighting products are designed and manufactured inside our facilities using the best available LEDs. We differentiate ourselves from other LED manufacturers by manufacturing right here in the USA. Lumiron engineers have a reputation as leaders in the manufacturing of LEDs that delivers précised, tested, and guaranteed LED products for use to their specific requirements for multiple applications. Lumiron LEDs come fully certified for many applications. Our marine-quality LED products are designed for tough outdoor use. IF WE MAKE IT WE GUARANTEE IT. Lumiron stays current with energy efficiency and conservation as it presents a constant and essential concern in the world. Lumiron is constantly striving to partner up and help our OEM customers produce eco-friendly lighting products in keeping with the Green technology. Due to solid state technology, Lumiron LEDs, have the most efficient/ design applications of any lighting in the industry to-date. Lumiron only uses cutting edge circuitry and LEDs that are approved for water/marine applications as well as industrial, residential and architectural lighting. Lumiron LEDs offer you style and function.  Lumiron’s OEM division will manufacture for you specific products and designs. Currently, we OEM for many of the top world-wide LED lighting companies in the marine industry; as well as for commercial/industrial and designer use.  LEDs are flexible and can be used to retrofit existing fixtures or on new construction. Whatever you lighting needs are, LEDs are by far the best return on your investment and allows our customers to partner up with us on our commitment to contribute to the success of GREEN TECHNOLOGY. WE WORK WITH YOU AND WE STAND BY YOU.


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