The Spider LMF45DMX is a CD400-DMX module in an enclosure The CD400-DMX is a 4-channel DMX-512 compatible dimmer pack. It is equivalent to four solid-state relays (SSR’s) and a DMX512 Logic assembled on a single circuit board. Power is fed to the LM45DMX from One 5 Amps power supply voltages ranging from 6VDC to 24VDC.. Each solid state relay is rated for a maximum output current of 5 amperes. The LM45DMX is sold as a PC board assembly without enclosure. The logic signals are optically-isolated from the output voltage. DMX-512 control cable is hardwired to the LM45DMX . Several Dimmer packs may be daisy-chained together. Each may be easily set to a unique address with 2 hexadecimal selectors and will occupy the next four DMX control channels beginning with the one following the address selected. When two or more units are set to the same address, their respective outputs work in unison, increasing the amount of load that can be controlled by a single DMX channel.


  • Touch-Sensitive user interface.
  • Compatible with any electrical backbox.
  • Dimmable.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance.


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