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About Lumiron LED

LUMIRON LED lighting products are designed and manufactured inside our facility in Miami, Florida. LUMIRON is your optimal source of illumination for any type of application. Being an American based manufacturer allows us to provide interactive communication with our customers and their needs when planning a project.

No custom project is too large or small for us. Because we are locally based, we are better able to provide a much more rapid delivery date. LUMIRON can personally support our customers, especially with custom manufactured products. In order to keep up with the ever changing LED technology, our engineering department is constantly designing and testing the most innovative and smart lighting products.

Our goal is to achieve both excellent performance, energy savings  and yet offer the most advanced technology and the highest level of lighting quality control. LUMIRON is on the cutting edge of innovation in LED lighting products designed to dramatically increase energy efficiency, save money, and to generally enhance the quality of life on our planet. We offer you and your clients government and power company rebates as well as energy code compliant products. We are committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green lighting. Some of the many applications and markets already utilizing our  LED products:

  • Lighting Industry.
  • Display Industry.
  • Marine Industry.
  • Aviation Industry.
  • Woodwork Industry.
  • Casino and Gaming Industry.
  • Advertising and Promotional Products.
  • Sign Industry.
  • Architectural Industry.
  • Interior and Exterior Design Industry.
  • Remodeling Industry.
  • Construction Industry.

At LUMIRON, we listen to the needs of our consumers. Our experts and engineers have the means to create a lighting package that is custom-built to the exact specifications of their requested applications. LUMIRON will custom design to a specific project, rather than provide you with a product that you have to build around.

This allows for professionalism and the versatility of custom selections  to exact dimensions and specifications. We work closely with designers, architects, engineers, and showrooms to design and build custom LED lighting packages upon your request. Utilizing the latest technology and the highest quality LED components and material allows us to warranty our products for 5 years. Our factory is located in North Miami Beach, Florida. LUMIRON manufactures in the USA.If you are working on a project, please give us the opportunity to provide you with a free and professional quote or call us to come and consult with you on a potential project. We will provide you with professional and costs cutting options. See for yourself the value of having a local manufacturer.


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