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The DAKOTA LED Light Panel is the new innovative lighting source.

dakota led light panel

The DAKOTA LED Light Panel is the new innovative light source that is designed to be ultimately slim, have even illumination, and be customizable to your design. This new innovative technology and design can be applied in all types of markets such as Architecture & Design, Onyx Translucent Stones, Retail, Signage, and Display & Fixture.[…]

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The new LUMIRON PRESTON is an ultra-thin LED Flat panel which efficiency and modern design.

LED Flat Panel

The PRESTON LED Flat Panel stands above the competition by offering highly efficient edge-lit construction maximizing performance and improving overall energy savings. This edge-lit construction provides customers with smooth even illumination across the entire span of the panel, eliminating issues with hot spots and glare. The PRESTON series is the ideal solution for installation in[…]

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The Truth about LED Lights

LED Lights

If you’ve been wondering about how effective LED lights will be in your home, office, or any other type of professional establishment, you’ll need to learn the truth about LED lights. Here you will discover more about using these lights, how they can be used for your home or business, and using these types of[…]

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Welcome to Lumiron LED Blog

Lumiron LED Blog

Hello there, and welcome to your new Lumiron LED Blog, manufacturing and led technology blog. This blog will provide a place to stay informed on the latest LED and LED manufacturing on the web. Be sure to follow our RSS feed and stay updated with our latest posts. LEDs represent the most significant development in Lighting[…]