Custom LED Lighting Products company that manufactures UL Listed products Made In USA. We specialize in Custom Projects for all Industries. See more

Custom LED Lighting Products

Custom LED Lighting Products

Illuminating Your World with High-Quality Custom LED Lighting Products

Welcome to our radiant corner, where innovation and quality converge to brighten your world. We are a leading company in the manufacturing of custom LED products, distinguished by the UL Listed certification and proudly stamped with “Made in the USA.” We specialize in tailor-made projects for all industries, offering lighting solutions that go beyond the conventional.

Custom LED Lighting Products

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Commitment to Quality and Safety

Our foundation is built on an unwavering commitment to quality and safety. All our LED products bear the coveted UL Listed certification, ensuring not only luminous efficiency but also compliance with the most rigorous electrical safety standards. We strive for excellence in every detail, ensuring that our products not only illuminate your space but do so safely and reliably.

Custom Orders

The customers brings to us their ideas, the project is designed according to the clients needs.


Products are manufactured at our facilities in Miami, Florida by highly qualified personnel.

Standards & Regulations

The products manufactured by Lumiron, Inc are ETL Listed or UR Certified.

Shipping & Handling

Finished products are picked up by customers in our facilities or shipped out via UPS or FEDEX.

Custom LED Lighting Products

Custom Made in USA Products

Made in the USA with a Passion for Innovation

When you choose our custom LED products, you’re choosing American quality. Each of our products is manufactured with a passion for innovation in our facilities in the United States. This commitment not only supports the local economy but also ensures meticulous quality control, from the design conception to the final product that lights up your surroundings.

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Limitless Customization for All Industries

We understand that every project has its unique lighting needs. That’s why we specialize in custom projects, offering personalized lighting solutions for all industries. Whether you’re designing a cutting-edge commercial space, a robust industrial installation, or a visually stunning experience in the artistic realm, our custom LED products are designed to fit your specific requirements.

Explore Our Range of Custom LED Products

From flexible LED strips to high-performance luminaires, our range of custom LED products covers a wide variety of options to meet your lighting needs. Explore our collection and discover how we can turn your ideas into reality, providing lighting solutions that not only stand out but also define the ambiance you wish to create.
By choosing our custom LED products, you’re not only investing in cutting-edge lighting but also in sustainability. We strive to incorporate responsible practices at every stage of our manufacturing process, ensuring that your choice not only benefits your spaces but also the planet we share.
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