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Headquartered in Miami, LUMIRON is a manufacturer built on a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists in the LED industry since 1984. Product quality, custom manufactured LED lighting and customer care are the foundation of LUMIRON. We strive for continuous growth in the LED Lighting industry through our innovative, custom LED applications and rigid quality control. We are committed to on-time shipping and our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best possible one-on-one service for all your commercial/industrial, marine and residential lighting needs. The LUMIRON group has been a pioneer in the field of LED lighting since its advent. We have left no stone unturned in this field. The vast range of lighting custom products LUMIRON manufactures stands proof of our expertise in this field. LUMIRON will custom manufacture to your specific design and required specifications any LED lighting application you may need for your most complex lighting project. Talk to us - We Will Deliver.

Commercial and Residential

The switch from fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lighting to LEDs in the industrial and commercial  industry is successfully replacing traditional lighting technology with significant savings in energy costs.

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Marine LED Lighting

The switch from fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lighting to LEDs in the marine industry as been recent and rapid. Though LEDs makes sense for any lighting situation, they are tailor made for the marine industry.

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LED Signs

The Lumiron range of products is not limited to LEDs alone. We extend our product spectrum to include controllers and dimmers, component accessories, LED modules etc.


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Pioneers in LED Lighting Since its Advent:

The LUMIRON group comprises of a team of specialists and highly qualified engineers. We have left no stone unturned in the field of LED lighting. The vast range of lighting products stands proof of our expertise in THE field. We have had plenty of market successes which have further strengthened our foothold in the industry with our use of cutting edge technology.

Being an avid supporter of the go green drive, we have tried our best to reflect it in our products. Energy concerns have gripped the world due to exploitation of resources. The greenhouse effect caused BY various pollutants has only added to the existing problems in our planet. We are committed to contribute to the success of GREEN technology.

LUMIRON has developed a wide range of LED lights and has technical and manufacturing capability to custom-design/manufacture to your specific application.

Using LED based lighting saves a lot of energy while providing the same brightness as any ordinary lighting product would do, only better, cooler and GREENER.

The versatility in design, application and costs-savings potential makes LED lighting an intelligent choice to retrofit existing fixtures or consider for new projects. The long term efficacy of LED lighting justifies the investment in this safe, GREEN lighting choice.

Unlike traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting sources; which are known to emit hazardous wastes; LEDs are free from hazardous wastes and do not emit heat. This concept is very much in sync with our concern for the environment and its protection from the greenhouse effect. We would like to share it with our like-minded customers.

LUMIRON has a vast range of products. We extend our product spectrum to include controllers, dimmers, component accessories, LED modules and others. The LUMIRON group provides custom manufacturing lighting applications for your specific designs and needs.

Customer Loyalty:

The LUMIRON group have always kept their customers on the highest pedestal and valued them immensely. We believe in providing maximum customer satisfaction by delivering quality LED products and services.

LUMIRON will work with you on every step of your project on a one-to-one basis, together with our highly skilled engineers and LED lighting experts, we will provide solutions to your most complex application.



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