Indoor Outdoor LED Lighting

The lighting industry being our core area of focus, we have made our presence felt with our wide range of lighting products. These lighting products cover both indoor as well as exterior lighting. Among the indoor LED lighting products, we offer cove lighting, cabinet lighting, edge lighting, accent lighting, pathway lighting, stairway lighting, shelf lighting, step lighting and wall sconce. Each of them is unique and is tailor made for specific construction types and styles.

For example, cove lighting is ideally suited for high ceilings and valences. They provide a very aesthetic appeal to the decor of the house. Wall sconces available in different styles are tailor made to enhance the area which is lighted. Step lighting is an energy efficient method of lighting which is held in high regard by energy conscious consumers.

Among the exterior LED lighting products, we have building lighting, bridge lighting, facade lighting, landscape lighting, pathway lighting, stairway lighting and wall washing. Step lighting and accent lighting is also available in a unique form under exterior lighting.

If you are looking to enhance the nuances of your building architecture, facade lighting would be the ideal option. Consuming lesser power than the standard neon lights, facade lighting highlights the buildings contours well and brings out the best effect possible. Imperfections if any are masked well too.

All our products are manufactured keeping in mind the energy conservation quotient and are unique. It is this simple yet strong value that has helped us make a mark in the industry. Be a part of the energy saving drive and shift to Lumiron LED lighting.

Indoor LED Lighting

  • Cove Lighting.
  • Cabinet Lighting.
  • Edge Light.
  • Accent Lighting.
  • Pathway Lighting.
  • Stairway.
  • Shelf Lighting.
  • Step Lighting.
  • Wall Sconce.

Outdoor LED Lighting

  • Building Lighting.
  • Bridge Lighting.
  • Facade Lighting.
  • Landscape Lighting.
  • Pathway Lighting.
  • Stairway Lighting.
  • Step Lighting.
  • Accent Lighting.
  • Wall Washing.
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