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ACC300-DAK103 is a water-thin, somewhat flammable cement formulated to quickly develop very clear and high strength bonds for many thermoplastic substrates. The bond is achieved by first softening the surfaces to be joined and then fusing them together with the dissipation of the solvent. The initial bond forms within a matter of minutes and is followed by a significant and continual increase in bond strength over the next several hours. ACC300-DAK103 may be preferred by some plastic fabricators because it is less likely to leave white marks (commonly called blushing). For similar applications but faster setting cement, WELD-ON 3 is recommended.

ACC300-DAK103 Acrylic Adhesive water thin, somewhat flammable, moderately fast-setting, blush-resistant solvent cement for bonding acrylic. It will also bond with other thermoplastics such as polystyrene, CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate), and polycarbonate to themselves. Does not bond to cross-linked acrylics.

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