Illuminated Kitchen Island Stone Glows with Custom LED Light Panel Dakota

Illuminated Kitchen Island Stone Glows with Custom LED Light Panel Dakota

Art in Illuminated Stone

Modern Architectural designs illuminate kitchen stone countertops with elegance. First, illuminated Stone islands are naturally beautiful. Second, LED Illumination draws magnificent patterns out of the stone. Third, the stone’s natural art is illuminated. Next, the vibrant colors radiate from the illuminated stone island. Finally, the stone island shows illuminated elegance. Along with soft, calming, mood light. The example shown above is at Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, an Illuminated Kitchen Island Stone with the Custom LED Light Panel DAKOTA, by LUMIRON INC. Best in class for LED light uniformity.

Uniform Light Output

First, success requires uniform light output across the stone surface. Second, LED light uniformity across the surface eliminates hot spots. Next, LED light uniformity across the surface eliminates dark corners and banding. Therefore, Custom LED Light Panel DAKOTA is the perfect solution to eliminate light banding. The DAKOTA panels are acrylic sheets with even illumination dot patterns across the sheet. Manufactured with patented laser etching technology by LUMIRON INC. The longer the distance the light has to travel, the more accurate the algorithm, and laser etching have to be. For best-in-class stone island illumination, spec out the Custom LED Light Panel DAKOTA.

Cooktop Range Cutouts

Above all, the Custom LED Light Panel DAKOTA offers cutouts for kitchen sinks and cooktop ranges. Therefore, the light algorithms modify the dot patterns. As a result, the LED light uniformity across the stone surface is even. First, the cabinet makers will transfer a computer-aided design drawing to LUMIRON INC. Next, lumiron’s engineers model cutouts in Solid Works. Then, lumiron’s engineers perform LED lighting simulations in Solid Works. Finally, in-house LUMIRON INC will manufacture the perfect Custom LED Light Panel DAKOTA to illuminate kitchen Island Stone countertops.

Stone Dimming sets the mood

Even more, LED countertop dimming is merely a requirement. Most noteworthy, illuminated LED countertops will require higher lumen output during the day. Night requires lower lumen light levels. Therefore, dimming gives a soft night glow to the illuminated stone countertop. Finally, multiple LED Light Panel projects require dimming to match light output.

Flicker Free

LUMIRON INC offers Flicker Free power supplies with built-in-dimming options.

Request a no-obligation quote for a Custom LED Light Panel DAKOTA or any of our products, including custom designs, and receive a reply in one business day. Reseller pricing is available to qualified accounts and volume discounts apply to orders of four or more units.

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