What is LED Lighting?

LED Lighting

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We’ve come a long, long way since the days of Thomas Edison. While the light bulb is one of the greatest inventions of our time, it has certainly seen its share of evolution. Light bulbs used to be highly expensive, and could add hundreds of dollars to an electric bill every year. As the days of halogen bulbs approached, the modern world was able to slash electric bills by slashing energy consumption. Brighter light with less energy has become a fad these days. The recent developments in LED lighting may make for an even more economical solution that halogen bulbs, hence yet another evolution of the light bulb.

LED lighting or Light Emitting Diode lighting, is simply the passing of atoms through a diode and releasing of energy from photons that creates this light. It’s much more complicated than that, but you now have the general idea of how it works. What more important is that you understand the values that LED lighting can have not only on you, but your home, place of work, and even the activities you participate in.

A single LED bulb is generally about the size of pea and usually tubular in shape. They can come bigger and shaped differently, but that’s usually not necessary for the modern consumer. There are four colors that LED lighting is most commonly available in: red, green, blue, and white.

White LED lighting is most commonly used on personal lighting, such as ceiling lights and flashlights. Red, green, and blue LED lighting can come separately, but are usually teamed up to create full spectrum of colors with addition and subtraction of power going to each light. This type of lighting is most frequently used in uplighting, restaurants, and dance clubs.

LED lighting became popular due to its astounding bulb life. Some bulbs can last as long as 50,000 hours, or 11 years. Additionally, LED lighting is extremely cheap. You can generate the same amount of light as a 100-watt light bulb for about 1/5 the cost of one.

Finally, LED lighting, while it still has long way to come in the home in regards to a natural look to it, poses literally no fire hazard. The small size of a single bulb paired with the minimum energy that’s required to run it makes operate much more efficiently and at an exponentially lower temperature than that of a regular light bulb. They can often be cool to the touch in regards to most consumer products that are available.

Expect to see more from LED lighting in the future of consumer products. We’ve got a ways to go, but we’re on the right track.




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  1. Zachary Tomlinson

    I appreciate that you pointed out how popular LED lighting has become. I would think this is due to the huge movement to “go green.” I think that the LA metro even uses an LED light rail crossing system.

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