LUMIROD SERIES the new innovative lighting source for your CLOSET ROD.

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LUMIROD is an LED linear closet rod that has integrated an LED lighting system inside the extrusion to directly light up the items hanging below it. It is designed for closets and hanging storage spaces to illuminate clothing or other items directly from an aluminum extrusion strong enough to carry up to 50 lbs per foot. It comes in low voltage of either 12VDC OR 24VDC.

LUMIROD is a great looking and innovative fixture that is easy to install and can be specified to a maximum length of 8 feet and at a power consumption of only 6 watts per foot making it a safe, cool, low voltage innovative lighting product. It can be dimmed and/or controlled with an automatic on/off system; it can turn on when the door opens/close or with a motion detector system. For creative applications in residential, commercial, marine, RV, department stores, boutiques, specialty shops and modern shops, LUMIROD lighting comes in Red, Blue, Green, Amber, RGB (color changing) and RGB + White or custom colors.

LUMIROD offers the option of several white temperatures: Warm White, Neutral White or Cool White. It comes with choice of lens, clear or diffused. LUMIROD is energy efficient and lasts over 50,000 Hours. The low energy consumption not only saves money, but is it is a harmless and friendly lighting system that is safe for your valuable wear as well as the environment. LUMIROD is made in the USA and UL Listed in the USA and in Canada. Another innovative LED Lighting product from LUMIRON, a green company. Go Green and made in the USA.




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